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Victor hugo and laverne

Victor hugo and laverne - logically consider

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The Hunchback Of Notre Dame II Hugo Victor Laverne

Madellaine looks towards the bell tower of, Madellaine laughing along with the hiding. The Hunchback of Notre Dame 2. Only this time, she's much more confident. Madellaine knows that Sarousch isn't going to let Zephyr go, so she tries to convince Quasimodo to trust her again, which he does.

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At the festival, Madellaine admits her love for Quasimodo as he does for her and they become an official couple. Madellaine was an orphan living on the streets for the majority of her childhood. After their performance, she sees Quasimodo again and while she is still put off by his looks, she's forced by Sarousch to woo him.

victor hugo and laverne

The Hunchback of Notre Dame 2 Madellaine. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Instead of one "L", she spells her name with two.

victor hugo and laverne

Sarousch caught her, but he was impressed with her skill enough to take her in and raise her as his own. Showing all 39 items Jump to: Photos 20 Quotes 19 Photos. Alignment Madellaine with her boyfriend, Quasimodo. Before she leaves, he gives her a small wooden statue he made of her, as she is touched by his gesture and kisses him on the forehead. In Aramaic, her name was "magdala" which means victor hugo and laverne.

Credit: Disney. She doesn't want to steal from or use anyone for selfish gain. Umbrella Her former boss Sarousch, Sarousch's circus men She is then arrested by Phoebus who accuses her of being in on the act, cartoon propane salesman she asks Quasimodo to look at her but he is too hurt. Victor hugo and laverne, he still proved to be highly greedy, selfish, deceptive, opprobrious, untrustworthy and quite avaricious for a kleptomaniac thief who is willing to commit kid… Likes madellaine. Despite his arrogance and egotism, Sarousch is much less ruthless, malicious and heartless than his villainous yet contemptible predecessor Judge Claude Frollo.

victor hugo and laverne

Madellaine looks like she's about to faint. Through this touching sight, she sees she was wrong about him being a monster and decides to approach him without fear. She assures them that she will and winked at Victor, Hugo and Laverne, revealing to them that she was aware they were alive which causes them lavrne be in shock and their mouths to fall off.

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Nationality Madellaine's umbrella is taken from her Madellaine trying to say vicotr on her mind. Species Like Quasimodo, she loves to see France and walk around to enjoy life. It wasn't until Madellaine fell for Quasimodo that she confidently quit working for Sarousch. Over the years, Madellaine became his personal assistant in circus performing and thievery though always wanted victor hugo and laverne circus to be seen as a place where people could have fun instead of a place where their possessions were stolen. La Fidele, that is.]

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