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Viscosity, Cohesive and Adhesive Forces, Surface Tension, and Capillary Action viscosity table of common liquids Viscosity table of common liquids

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Viscosity is a common observation that thick liquids like honey and mobile oil, flow slowly than many organic liquids like benzene and toluene, etc. It means that different rates of flow of liquids depend upon a certain property and that is viscosity. It is the property that opposes the relative motion of adjacent layers. In order to understand the viscosity, let us consider the flow of a liquid. The liquid is considered to be arranged in a large number of parallel layers.

viscosity table of common liquids

The layer adjacent to the walls of the tube is stationary. When we move towards the center of the tube, then the velocities of the successive layers go on increasing. When the steady flow is reached then the velocity difference between any two layers becomes constant. The force here is required to maintain the steady flow of liquid in direction of the force is directly proportional to the velocity gradient which is normal to the direction of flow.

viscosity table of common liquids

In the C. The increase in temperature increases the kinetic energy of molecules commob liquids. It means that a liquid starts flowing faster at high temperatures. In other words, a viscosity of a liquid falls with the increase in temperature. A and B are the constants depending upon the nature of the liquid. According to this equation, an increase of temperature decreases the viscosities of liquids.


It can be written as In. The following graphs show that many liquids show straight lines. The anomalous behavior of H 2 O is seen from the graph because its hydrogen-bonded structure is broken with the rise in temperature. It is the energy barrier that must be overcome before the flow can occur.]

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