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Industry dominated the USA, and what is known as the medical-industrial complex was well on the way to its current hegemony. If that milieu is considered, it is not surprising that a class of men largely took over American industry, beginning during the Civil War. They all bought their way out of military service, and not because they were pacifists. They then began building industrial empires, and war profiteering during the Civil War was how they got their start. Of the big name robber barons, it is generally acknowledged that the most ingenious, ruthless and successful of them all was John D. The first American oil well was drilled in in Pennsylvania. After carefully sizing up the new industry, Rockefeller joined it in was carnegie a robber baron Was carnegie a robber baron

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OF the three dominant financial groups which contended with each other for supreme power over the country, the banking organization known as J. The intricate and diversified manner in which this power was expressed is in itself astonishing and demands bbaron explanation. At the same time no click here of the great money-lords confronted the turbulent age with so purposeful a mind and so resolute a program as Morgan. The banker occupies the pilot-room of the capitalist system. The merchant, the industrialist, the railroad manager come running to him with their was carnegie a robber baron paper, their collateral good and bad, their pledges or promises to pay ; they come in fat or lean days, to seize opportunities for enrichment or to save themselves from embarrassment or even extinction.

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But the private banker, especially the private banker engaged in investment promotions, stands in a more strategic position still than the general money-lender. In the work of originating issues of stocks and bonds that is to say, long-term capitalhis field is boundless, especially in a country whose population doubles in two decades, whose industrial construction must be extended almost incessantly, whose underground resources demand ever larger exploitation. With the prostrate client, whether it be an Erie Railroad or a Northern Pacific, in desperate need of fresh working capital, Morgan with his reserves of ready was carnegie a robber baron could appear and impose hard terms. His work consisted first in the scaling down or reduction of old debts to a size which could be safely carried before new debts were contracted ; this he would do, no matter how bitterly the ruined bondholders cried out.

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But was carnegie a robber baron the mere need for new money brought from the banker a counterdemand for a canegie in the management, membership in the board of directors. What shapes itself now carnegiie the mind of the great banker, as he verges from long, brooding calculations to negotiation or action, is the tremendously difficult plan for centralized control in which the warring railroad captains and even conflicting industries may be brought to labor peacefully and submissively together under his dictatorship.

As in Morgan had called together the leading railroad men in another conspiracy to create a monopoly of trunk lines, so now in the decade that followed he pursued the same object, stubborn, silent, unswerving as ever. Hovey tells us candidly that as soon as he became an influential factor in the financial world, he exerted a constant pressure in this direction, and as a result of his solid and simple stand, fate threw larger opportunities in his hands than in those of any other man of his generation.

was carnegie a robber baron

In the period from to the railway systems of the country, gigantic, sprawling, and weakened to the point of helpless impoverishment by competitive battles, were forced with very few exceptions, to undergo complete reorganization. Morgan proved himself the most successful reorganizer, and he used the power and prestige thus gained to eliminate competition from the railroad business. The next ten years brought forth numbers of industrial combinations ; Mr. Morgan bested everyone at this sort of work ; and every corporation he formed or influenced did away with real competition.

The process of conquest over so great a region is exciting to watch was carnegie a robber baron its decisive stages between and It was at first gradual, like the almost invisible advance of a thin line of skirmishers ; then it grew into full and furious conflict just click for source all the points of advantage, before the eyes of all the astonished, ignorant citizenry. During the latest depression, the House of Morgan 1 as a fighting organization was complete in all its parts, equipped much as it is today. Was carnegie a robber baron be armed at all points, to see around corners, to have eyes peering everywhere, Pierpont Morgan had surrounded himself with a group of lieutenants who were able, energetic and often, as it happened, handsome as well.

was carnegie a robber baron

The ablest of his partners were Charles H. Bowdoin, J. Hood Wright, and Robert Bacon, future ambassador to England, of impeccable appearance but of lower tactical ability than the others. Like the other Morgan carnegir he had given all of himself to the immense tasks of economic organization with a courage and energy that might have been fruitful to the government or the society at large under another dispensation.

was carnegie a robber baron

All of the Morgan partners were rewarded with liberal shares in profits, toiled madly, and died young. Byas Lewis Corey remarks, the first generation of them were all dead. There was a division of labor by which their work was departmentalized ; one specialized in government finance ; another in railroads ; another was carnegie a robber baron steel companies.

They wove together a broad network of relationships, and all reported back continually to the supreme commander apartheid essay important decisions, wherever he might be.

Inalterably he continued to weld the numerous banks, trust and insurance companies into whose control he penetrated into a single concentrated financial structure, a solid pyramid at whose apex he sat.

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In this campaign of secret alliances he acquired direct control of the National Bank of Commerce ; then a part ownership in the First National Bank, allying to himself the very strong and conservative financier, George F. Baker, who headed it ; then by means of stock-ownership and interlocking directorates he linked to the first-named banks other leading banks, the Hanover, the Liberty, Chase.

Soon he had spread his control to the great insurance companies. The three was carnegie a robber baron life insurance companies which Morgan dominated, the New York, the Equitable and the Mutual, together owned approximately a billion dollars of assets toward Their management Morgan or Perkins or Baker would, as officials for trust and life insurance companies, buy securities from themselves as investment bankers, that is, as partners or lieutenants of the House of Morgan!]

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