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Unfortunately, troubles arises when they move into what was otherwise an all-white neighborhood in East Compton — and the white folks who live there are extremely unhappy about having Black neighbors. And so they do a lot of bad stuff to the Emorys, who also have some other literal demons to deal with since this is a horror show. But it is firmly rooted in actual history. In this scene, a bunch of bankers discuss the way they use dramatically unfair policies to create neighborhoods full of Black people who are paying outrageous interest rates on their homes. Interest rates that are much, much higher than what the white people have to pay. The country was still a long way away from the Fair Housing Act of — though that hardly put an end to racist housing discrimination. This scene is just part of the story.

Was hardball based on a true story - you tell

The show — which was executive produced by Jessica Biel — follows the story of Kate Wallis Olivia Holt , the town's popular girl who goes missing, and Jeanette Turner Chiara Aurelia , who is accused of playing a part in her disappearance after she basically ends up taking over Kate's life while she is missing. Through a series of flashbacks, each episode recounts the events of a single day over the course of three years — , , and — in order to dive deeper into what really happened to Kate and reveal how Jeanette is responsible for Kate's disappearance. The series premiere begins with a note that reads, "The events that are about to unfold take place on approximately June 21st, , , and ," which makes it seem like the show may be based on a true story, but it's actually not. Though the events in the series could very well happen in real life and probably have, Cruel Summer is a fictional story. So this is the first time, and I've had so much fun doing it. I think that's what makes these shows so exciting and unique — you get to question your own opinions. And if you watch it with friends or family, you question their opinions, too. Was hardball based on a true story

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Is the Amazon Show Based on Real Is Them a True Story?

was hardball based on a true story

The trendy interval collection, obtainable to stream on Amazon Prime, follows a Black household in the Fifties that strikes into an all-white neighborhood in California. Or is all of it fiction?

was hardball based on a true story

Is Them Based on a True Story? The collection is a work of fiction created and written by Little Marvin and explores racial segregation via the lens of the horror style.

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The long-term ramifications of the Great Migration have been additional intensified as a result of most African Americans moved from rural areas in the South to a few of the largest and most culturally influential cities of the time like Los Angeles, Chicago, Detroit, and Washington DC. The transition, nonetheless, was not a peaceable one and was marked by racial friction at each flip. The paranormal points add to the sense of fixed dread and concern that many Black here undoubtedly felt throughout this time.

It is about in the submit World War 2 suburban growth during which an rising variety of households moved from rural areas and cities to newly rising suburbs.]

was hardball based on a true story

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