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Fossil fuels are raw materials for energy production. Currently, the gases produced in the burning of fossil fuels are considered responsible for the greenhouse effect and global warming. Fossil fuels are non-renewable resources which means that they are found in nature in limited quantities, so once their stocks are depleted there is no way to replace them. Examples of fossil fuels are: coal, oil, natural gas, bitumen, shale, among others, the first three most used and commented below:. It is formed from plant remains from swampy environments, accumulated over millions of years, in a process called carbonization. There are four varieties of mineral coal: peat, lignite, coal and anthracite. The longer the carbonization time, the higher the carbon content and the energy power of the fuel. What are advantages of fossil fuels what are advantages of fossil fuels

Fossil fuels have been an oldest source of energy for mankind.

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The utilization of fossil fuels has enabled large-scale industrial development and largely supplanted water-driven mills, as well as the combustion of wood or peat for heat. The modern world greatly owes its technological and mechanical progress to fossil fuels. However, the irrational consumption of fossil fuels has led to several problems all over the world.

what are advantages of fossil fuels

Though fossil fuels were present in abundance under the earth surface in three forms: CoalPetroleum and Natural Gasbut over the last few decades, the over using of fossil fuels has led to diminishing their reserve. Also, the burning of fossil fuels causes environmental pollution.

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This has been a major concern with the usage of fossil fuels worldwide. In this article, we have taken an here of the various advantages and disadvantages of fossil fuels. Due to their abundance and ease of using fossil fuels are far superior to any other method of generating electricity.

The various advantages of using fossil fuels are :. Although fossil fuels have been preferred source of energy till now, but there over usage and other issues with burning of fossil fuels raises a question about the prolonged use of fossil fuels. Here are some disadvantages of Fossil fuels:. Coal Advantages and Disadvantages. Advantages of Biofuels.

what are advantages of fossil fuels

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