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One possible reason for treatment failure is the powerful way in which addictive substances affect the brain. Most addictive drugs appear to tap into the brain? If addiction is a product of brain activity, it is logical that the treatment also must involve some change in brain activity. In fact, there are several forms of biologically-based drug treatments, including the use of agonist drugs that mimic some of the addictive drugs? Despite the potential for treating drug addiction more successfully than programs involving abstinence alone, many individuals believe that the drug addict is responsible for his or her condition and that using another drug to treat addiction is akin to? According to this philosophy, those who become addicted to drugs can be considered fully recovered only if they stop taking the drug and never relapse. Review in Brain and Behavior the biological bases including the role of genes of addiction and treatment of addiction. what is a psychological phenomenon

The Behavioral Finance Concepts: Psychological Phenomena

With regards the three main purposes of this study described towards the end of the Introduction, what is new about this study that was not addressed in the previous studies of the cocktail party phenomenon? Summarize the experimental design in sentences not bullet points.

what is a psychological phenomenon

You must mention: a the participants, b what the participants were asked to do i. In addition to the results you described in Q3, the authors also reported an analysis of shadowing errors.

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what is a psychological phenomenon

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what is a psychological phenomenon

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