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Why Did The Communist Regimes Fail In Eastern Europe?

What is bad about communism - are absolutely

I'm not sure if this is relevant to this sub, but I will elaborate. We all know that the USA is not the best country in world, and that majority of Americans have a arrogant and insular attitudes. Most of this I blame somewhat on capitalism since it promotoes rugged individualism that demonstrates the worse in Americans. Americans always seem to have a "Time is always money" attitude towards life. What is bad about communism what is bad about communism

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WTF is going on? This is still a country divided, politically, at best.

what is bad about communism

Yet, the Marxists get all the ink, and media coverage, creating the illusion that what communism scream and yell about is the prevailing sentiment of the American people. Twitterschmucks — -Uh yeah… we are officially off the Rose Namajunas train because what in the fuck is wrong with her?


Believe that. Rose will be paying for her words, one way or another.

what is bad about communism

They would only respond to the anti-capitalist rhetoric. These assholes obviously love communism, that is their motivation for attacking Namajunas.]

what is bad about communism

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