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Exchange theory is a term that encompasses several theoretical traditions that focus on exchange relationships and interactions. One of the hallmarks of the exchange traditions is the systematic development and testing of theoretical principles and predictions. Thus, much of the research reviewed in this bibliography has used experimental methodology to engage in theory testing. The result of this extensive theory testing is that exchange theory can address the effects of the structure of exchange networks, the process of exchange, and the outcomes of exchange. Exchange theory has particularly focused on elaborating our understanding of power, with a particular emphasis on predicting the distribution of power within a network. What is the exchange theory

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what is the exchange theory

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what is the exchange theory

Lets have a multi-sorted first order theory, so a variable that range over all objects of some sort is denoted by a natural index over that variable as usual. So we have infinitely many types. Of course if we add an axiom of Infinity to it like:.

what is the exchange theory

Then this is clearly a particularity that cannot be attibuted to a general logic rule about typed sets. So, the theory becomes a mathematical extension of a logical theory. I'm concerned with the logical part, that is the multi-sorted first order logic with the sorted equality axioms and the above first two axiom schemata.

what is the exchange theory

What is the consistency strength of it? In particular, what is the proof-theoretic ordinal of it?

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