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Washington's defeats at Brandywine and Germantown caused negative reactions in Congress compared to Horatio Gates's stunning victory at Saratoga. Faced with an investigation of the army, Washington wrote to Congress about the Continental Army's many challenges and possible solutions. The Battle of Saratoga fought in two stages on September 19 and October 7, , proved to be a turning point in the American struggle for independence. It also had a direct impact on the career of General George Washington. Without the victory at Saratoga, American forces would likely not have received critical assistance from the French, and faith in the war effort would have been weakened. But the victory of General Horatio Gates at Saratoga also led to a serious but ultimately unsuccessful effort to replace Washington with Gates as commander-in-chief of the Continental Army. The battle of Saratoga took place on the fields of upstate New York, nine miles south of the town of Saratoga. Burgoyne had under his command an army of 7, troops with which he hoped to establish British dominance throughout the state of New York. Opposing Burgoyne was General Horatio Gates with a force of 9, soldiers, later joined by 2, additional troops. What was the impact of the battle of saratoga what was the impact of the battle of saratoga

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Originally designed as a battlecruisershe was converted into one of the Navy's first aircraft carriers during construction to comply with the Washington Naval Treaty of The ship entered service in and was assigned to the Pacific Fleet for her entire career. Saratoga and her sister shipLexingtonwere used to develop and refine carrier tactics in a series of annual exercises before World War II. On more than one occasion these exercises included successful surprise attacks on Pearl HarborHawaii. Shortly after the Japanese attack on Pearl HarborSaratoga was the centerpiece of the unsuccessful American effort to relieve Wake Island and was torpedoed by a Japanese submarine a few weeks later.

Click was again torpedoed the following month and returned to the Solomon Islands area after repairs were completed.

what was the impact of the battle of saratoga

InSaratoga supported Allied forces involved in the New Georgia Campaign and invasion of Bougainville saraatoga the northern Solomon Islands and her aircraft twice attacked the Japanese base at Rabaul in November. Early inher aircraft provided air support during the Gilbert and Marshall Islands Campaign before she was transferred to the Indian Ocean for source months to support the British Eastern Fleet as it attacked targets in Java and Sumatra.

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After a brief refit in mid, the ship became a training ship for the rest of the year. In earlySaratoga participated in the Battle saartoga Iwo Jima as a dedicated night fighter carrier. Several days into the battle, she was badly damaged by kamikaze hits and was forced to return to the United States for repairs. While under repair, the ship, now increasingly obsolete, was permanently modified as a training carrier with some of her hangar deck converted into classrooms. Saratoga remained in this role for the rest of the war and was then used to ferry troops back to the United States after the Japanese surrender in August. In mid, the ship was a target for nuclear weapon tests during Operation Crossroads.

She survived the first test with little damage, but was sunk by the second test.

what was the impact of the battle of saratoga

After the war the ship was extensively redesigned pollutionair incorporate improved boiler technology, anti-torpedo bulgesand a general increase in armor protection based on British wartime experiences. In Februarybefore the Washington Naval Conference concluded, the ship's construction was suspended [3] when she was 28 percent complete. The ship had an overall length of feet Saratoga had a standard displacement of 36, long tons 36, tand 43, long tons 43, t at deep load. At that displacement, she had a metacentric height of 7.

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Christened by Olive Doolittle, wife of Curtis D. The ship's flight deck was feet 2 inches It was feet Its minimum height was 21 feet 6. Aircraft repair shops, feet Saratoga was fitted with two hydraulically powered elevators on her centerline. The forward elevator's dimensions were 30 by 60 feet 9.

The aft elevator had a capacity of only 6, pounds 2, kg and measured 30 by 36 feet 9. Saratoga was initially fitted with electrically operated arresting gear designed by Carl Norden that used longitudinal wires intended to prevent the aircraft from being blown over sadatoga side of the ship, and transverse wires to slow the aircraft to a stop.

This system was authorized to be replaced by the hydraulically operated Mk 2 system, without longitudinal wires, on 11 August ]

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