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Vietnam: The Tet Offensive (1968) - 6 of 11

What was the outcome of the 1968 tet offensive - what

Background[ edit ] In response to President Ngo Dinh Diem 's abrogation of the reunification election and suppression of communists during the late s, Hanoi had begun sending arms and materiel to the Vietcong VC , who were fighting an insurgency to topple the American-supported Saigon government. By the beginning of , the policy was reversed in the belief that without further American action the Saigon government could not survive. The answer seemed to lie in the application of air power. By most of the civilians surrounding President Lyndon B. Johnson shared the Joint Chiefs of Staff 's collective faith in the efficacy of strategic bombing to one degree or another. What was the outcome of the 1968 tet offensive what was the outcome of the 1968 tet offensive.

What was the outcome of the 1968 tet offensive - not the

Army, My dad died in Nov , but I have the letters he sent to my mom while he was overseas. Piecing the events together from those letters, here is the story: "Somewhere in Belgium - Tuesday, Jan. On top of that I've had quite a day - went thru another dose of shelling while out on reconnaissance - boy, I was lucky again! The cold weather hasn't let up but they say it's raining outside now instead of snowing. The Col. Those weasels are really OK in the snow - they are small tractors with real wide tracks and they go over the snow without sinking in. We're supposed to get a few of them but haven't so far. The war news sure sounds good - sure hope those Russians can continue on to Berlin. We thought for a while we would move up today but didn't.

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How long was the Tet Offensive?

The fighting at Khe Sanh during Tet was widely covered in the U. Results and Analysis. The results of the battle were mixed. NVA soldiers would continue to be spotted in the area but no attack would come.

what was the outcome of the 1968 tet offensive

Marines and their allies against the North Vietnamese Army. They elected to reinforce it, which would permit the U. As a military action Khe Sanh was a tactical failure but is viewed by some as a strategic or at least psychological victory.

what was the outcome of the 1968 tet offensive

Strength 6, public perception was that the battle was in fact a loss. Tran Quy Hai. It was the only time Americans abandoned a major combat base because of enemy pressure.

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The Americans won a tactical victory by lifting the siege, they were forced to retreat in order to avoid destruction. Commanders David E. It is estimated 8,which later expanded into the Battle of Khe Sanh. How Col. He played with their minds making them think, Battle of Khe Sanh Overview Khe Sanh In the face of criticism that he had fallen victim to the North Vietnamese diversionary tactic, body count and statistics became the tell-tale signs of victory.

Through the use of superior air power, American military commanders gave frequent explanations as to why … Summary of the Battle of Khe Sanh In North Vietnamese forces began building up around the Khe Continue reading air base.

What was the Tet offensive on January 31 1968?

It is … Khe Sanh Combat Base Fighting began there in late April with the hill fights, for example, setting up one of the longest battles of the war. North Vietnam. Lownds Led The 26th Marines … The Communists claim Khe Sanh was a stinging defeat from both the military and political points ws view. Commanders were faced with the decision to either reinforce the base or abandon it. Free Essay: Battle of Khe Sanh An American marine base held by 6, not only did the Americans not win a victory at Khe Sanh, but the North Vietnamese failed to achieve the decisive victory at Khe Sanh that they had won against the … Battle Of Khe Sanh, deadliest and most controversial battle of the Vietnam War. David E. This is true, pitting the U.]

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