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Many use the word awakening to signify the beginning of their spiritual journey, however, awakening is not a single event where one suddenly becomes interested in spiritual beliefs and ideas. In order to be awake, one must be fully conscious, and the process of becoming fully conscious entails shadow work, which takes years of self-inquiry and practice. Spiritual awakening may be thought of as synonymous with the journey toward enlightenment or self-actualization. The flip side of spiritual narcissism is spiritual codependency. It might be time to reexamine that frame of mind.

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The Great Awakening of was a period of intense religious revivalism that spread throughout the American colonies. The movement deemphasized the higher authority of church doctrine and instead put greater importance on the individual and his or her spiritual experience. The Great Awakening arose at a time when people in Europe and the American colonies were questioning the role of the individual in religion and society. It began at the same time as the Enlightenment which emphasized logic and reason and stressed the power of the individual to understand the universe based on scientific laws. Similarly, individuals grew to rely more on a personal approach to salvation than church dogma and doctrine. There was a feeling among believers that established religion had become complacent. This new movement emphasized an emotional, spiritual, and personal relationship with God. When did the awakening take place when did the awakening take place

I have no memory of my birthplace of Tallinn, Estonia. I was two years old when Red Army busted through the Leningrad Blockade and marched in. The Russians were hardly liberators.


They were almost worse than the Nazis. My earliest memory is the raw, dank smell of the earth.

when did the awakening take place

I was huddled in the dark next to my mother in a root cellar in the west of Germany, surrounded by sacks of potatoes, while sirens blared above. We ended up in a series of displaced-persons camps.

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Food was scarce. Some weekends we walked deep into the German countryside to barter with farmers. Once my mother exchanged her precious fur coat for a bag of eggs and vegetables. My father got a part-time job at the UN Relief organization UNRRA — and to the great joy of the whole family he would sometimes bring home a can of Spam, baked beans, a jar of strawberry jam. As the repatriation efforts began, I remember a tall American diid with a disarming aw-shucks smile scooping me up and pressing a Hershey bar into my hand. I spent the next five years in and out of those refugee camps — till age seven.

when did the awakening take place

And then another five years in refugee camps in Australia. So anything that smelled of collectivism was anathema to my father.

when did the awakening take place

I pretended to sleep but listened intently to the drunken late-night banter of Estonian expats. The notion that Western civilization was decaying and may soon die off was too big, too scary for me to engage with. But this idea has been stuck in my mind ever since. My father was a tennis champion. His actual job was as a lawyer for the Estonian government, but who he was, was an athlete — and something of a national hero.

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I noticed two types of students running around. The beer-drinking righties with their Bertrand Russell, A. Ayer and Gilbert Ryle, more British than the British. And then there were the Gauloise-smoking, coffee-sipping Lefties, with their Kierkegaard, their Nietzsche, their Sartre and Camus.]

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