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Why college athletes should be paid research paper

Why college athletes should be paid research paper - that

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The Shifting Debate Over How College Athletes Should Be Paid - WSJ

College Athletes Should Not Be Paid The topic of why athletes should not be paid has raised a lot of questions by many fans and athletes in recent years.

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In the story Norton Sampler, Joe Posnanski wrote an article to counter the writings made by Michael Rosenberg of letting stars receive payments. Both authors portray their views and rhetorical approaches to explain why players should receive salaries.

why college athletes should be paid research paper

However, the claims atlhetes by Posnanski appear more effective as he interrogates the issue. He emphasizes his points using a rhetorical question and later provides a counterclaim that gives the reader a chance to assess their opinion.

The rhetor at this piece of writing is Posnanski, who expresses his claims about link athletes should not be paid. His explanation is directly connected to the American people who face difficulties in providing education to their children since much is given to the athletes. The article successfully explains why athletes should not be paid since it is a burden to most parents.

Should College Athletes Be Paid? Essay

He demonstrates his credibility and perspective using an ethos approach instead of referencing directly from Rosenberg. His main sentence that addresses his point is that fairness should not result from players forcing the non-revenue players to subsidize. The point shows calculus creation of he will be promoting his points by paaid on the claims made by Rosenberg.

Michael Rosenberg claims that college athletes should not be denied the opportunity to receive payments and sponsorships. On the other hand, Joe Posnanski gives out his claim by stating that athletes should not receive any form of payment from outside sources or through salaries. He counteracts his opinion with a rhetorical question which allows the reader to assess their unbiased thoughts concerning the topic. However, his claims are athlwtes as he uses an open-ended question to illustrate his explanations.

One of his strongest points is that college athletics does not relate to the issue of being a player Posnanski,para. Instead, athletics is meant for the players.

why college athletes should be paid research paper

The point is compelling and strong as it elaborates to the reader why it should not be about money but the enjoyment of the game. Moreover, in his arguments, Posnanski avoids using many numerical statistics but provides many points to illustrate his logical approach to the issue. Among his points, he says that athletes receive payments in continue reading form of free college tuition, national exposure, free tours, sshould assigned the best doctors, and they still board and get rooms Posnanski,para 7. He shows that players indeed receive payments through the points even though not in the form of payment they desire.

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He later builds his claims by explaining his belief that college players ought not to receive more on top of what they already receive. He explains that the players are already receiving benefits; hence, extra payments are not necessary to strengthen his claim. Another logical reason from him is on page since he uses illustrations to get the reader to think about the opposite of his learn more here. He further persuaded us to see his claim by asking how it would be if the ACC basketball dropped their players Posnanski,para The question helps us to see his view in a wider way.

Moreover, he uses pathos to establish an emotional appeal for his audience. Given that his friend does everything right in life, there is no sense in paying athletes such a high amount of money. On the other hand, life is made difficult by the rising tuition fees and the complexity of scholarships.

Profesional Athletes Going For Gold

The points are relatable to many families in the nation since they experience the same thing in life, making it easy for him to persuade civilians to agree with him. His rhetoric subject is to persuade the Americans and to counter the claims made by Rosenberg that college athletes should receive extra payments in the form of salaries due to the situations that often face them and their importance to society. Posnanski aims to persuade the Americans to refute these claims. His genre is writing of an article that is influential given that it will address the claims made by Rosenberg and show the dangers many will face by paying college athletes.

This is mainly because his points and claims connect with most of the Americans.]

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