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Why gun control is necessary

Why gun control is necessary - scandal!

Democratic lawmakers have taken up the call from President Joe Biden by introducing new gun control legislation. This has included bills that could ban high-capacity magazines, introduce new background checks and possibly limit the sale of ammunition. Even if passed, would any of these measures actually do anything to reduce gun violence? Or is this a case of closing the barn door after the cows are long gone? As the Reuters News Agency recently reported, there are now about firearms in circulation for every residents according to data from the Geneva-based research group Small Arms Survey. Reuters cited another study, conducted by the RAND Corporation think tank, which also found that fewer Americans now own more guns. However, it should be noted that the latter number could be out of date following the surge in gun sales last year, where there were more than five million first-time gun owners. Likewise in recent years, firearm ownership has been steadily rising among minorities, women, and younger adults. All this boils down to one indisputable fact: there are a lot of firearms in the United States. As in nearly million guns total. why gun control is necessary

Little Red Riding Hood And Gun Violence Analysis

Why did you choose this topic and why do you think it is important? Half a page or a page. I choose this topic because in these days one of the problems is crime by guns. Also, we have many crimes, and it has been damaged innocent people.


It is important because some people killed innocent kids and people for nothing. Main Body. The main body of your paper should include your main points of argumentation. The body should have separate paragraphs for your supporting points and ideas.

why gun control is necessary

Here you should do an overview of existing literature. A concise overview of various author s would be a great start.

Why is Gun Safety Training Important?

The paper will be significantly strengthened if the authors you have chosen are reputable in the field and not simply marginal names taken out of the Internet. Ideally, you should present various opposing views of authors. You may view the question you are discussing in light of various religious, geographical, cultural etc. You are free to write creatively, however, you should remember that a strong research paper refrains from expressing radical, uncompromising and opinionated positions.

Pros And Cons Of Guns

You should also refrain from using sexist, racist and hostile ideas. Please refrain from inserting excessive pictures and large sized charts and diagrams although you may do so if necessary.

why gun control is necessary

I am more interested in your reasoning and writing. You should also avoid inserting large portions of direct quotations. Direct quotations should be highlighted either with Italics or with Bold and in quotation marks. You are not allowed to quote a text from a source without mentioning the author and the source title. Please, use your own words and be yourself. Suspiciously advanced and overly sophisticated wording may necessitate asking you to explain a specific portion in why gun control is necessary. Ideally, you should have 2 footnote references per page.

Cutting and pasting material from the Internet is prohibited. Using Internet sources is allowed, of course, but please remember that excessive Internet references address line, link references instead of an actual book do not add prestige to the paper.]

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