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The soul can be defined as the spiritual or non-material part of us that survives death. Western pop culture is currently bewitched by what happens to us after death with TV shows such as The Good Place and Miracle Workers set largely in the afterlife. And the Disney film Soul depicts the soul of a jazz pianist separating from his earthly body to journey into the afterlife. But they imagine its origin, journey, and destination in some quite different and distinctive ways. The origin of the soul — Judaism, Christianity, and Islam These three religions all believe there was a time when souls were not. That is to say, before God created the world, there was nothing at all. world beliefs World beliefs

Show panel with the latest panoramas X Share Latest tours Buy Read Article Religions of the world Religion is not only the spiritual way of a world beliefs, it is also a highly appreciated cultural and historical heritage. Temples, initially created to worship higher forces, later world beliefs world recognized monuments. AirPano invites you to get acquainted with the best architectural masterpieces of the major religions of the world.

world beliefs

Buddhism, having an ancient history which spreads over the centuries and unites millions of people all over the world, has caused the creation of a great number of world beliefs. The majority of them are located in Asia, and you have a good opportunity to compare their diversity.

The origin of the soul – Judaism, Christianity, and Islam

These are the ancient capital of Belief, Bagan, with thousands of pagodas, stupas and monasteries still remaining in the city; Tiger's Nest and many other outstanding religious constructions of Bhutan, and, finally, the Temple of Heaven in China. Another significant religion of Asia is Hinduism. It has many flows so the number of Hindu temples in the world can world beliefs be counted even approximately.

world beliefs

But it is precisely estimated that the largest Hindu temple of the world beliefs is Swaminarayan Akshardham the God's Residence in Delhi. It rises at 42 meters high, spans 94 meters wide and extends meters long. Akshardham is a rather new construction: the complex was fulfilled only in and the creators were inspired by the best ideas of the Hindu architecture.

In order to have a look at the "traditional" Hindu temple, check the panoramas of Prambanan Temple in Indonesia: this majestic complex had been under construction in between the 8th and the 9th centuries.

The origin of the soul – Hinduism and Buddhism

Not all the world beliefs of this temple have survived till nowadays, but those that remained can leave you speechless with their majestic grandeur. Islam in our selection is represented by not the less significant monuments referring to different epochs. The Blue Mosque, which was built in between andis standing quite close to

world beliefs

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