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5 Themes of Geography 5 themes of geography youtube 5 themes of geography youtube 5 themes of geography youtube

North Dakota was first settled by Native Americans several thousand years ago. The first Europeans explored the area in the 18th century establishing some limited trade with the natives. Much of the area was first organized by the United States as part of the Minnesota Territory and then the Dakota Territory in the 19th century.

North Dakota gained statehood in The railroads became the engine of settlement theemes the state.

5 themes of geography youtube

Its economy has since its early days been heavily based on the production of agricultural products such as wheat, flaxseed, and cattle, however its farming feography has declined and the state has suffered population decline in formerly heavy farming areas. The major tribes in the area by the time of settlement were the MandanHidatsaArikaraSiouxand Chippewa.

5 themes of geography youtube

These tribes used at least kinds of plants for food, medicine, dyes, and rope. He visited the Mandan tribes around and was astounded by their level of development.

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Limited http://rectoria.unal.edu.co/uploads/tx_felogin/why-do-cosmetic-for-our-business-which/penelopiad-sparknotes.php with European powers followed through the end of the century. The Mandan villages played a key role in the native trade networks because of their location and permanency. Their location at the northernmost reaches of the Missouri River placed them near the closest portages to the,es Hudson Bay basin and thus the fastest access to European traders.

Additionally, valuable Knife River flint was produced not far from 5 themes of geography youtube villages. During the 19th century, a number of Indians entered into treaties with the United States. Many of the treaties defined the territory of the different tribes in North Dakota.

Inthe area that is now North Dakota was incorporated into the new Dakota Territory along with what is now South Dakota. Temes to attract immigrants, state officials broadcast widely pamphlets and newspaper accounts celebrating the "Myth of North Dakota. The success of the Northern Pacific Railroad and the Great Northern Railroad was based on the abundant crops and rapidly increasing settlement in the Red River Valley along the 5 themes of geography youtube border between and The initial role of the railroads in opening this area was to commercial agriculture, the relation of James B.]

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