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advantages of a democracy Advantages of a democracy

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Democracy - Democratic Politics - 9th CBSE - Gaurav Singh Jhala advantages of a democracy

A federal government is the national government of a federation. It is defined by different structures of power; in a federal government, there may exist various departments or levels of government which are delegated to them by its member states. However, the structures of federal governments differ.

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Going by a broad definition of basic federalism, it comprises at least two or more levels of government within a given territory. All of them govern through some common institutions and their powers often overlap and are even shared between them. All this is defined in the constitution of the said state. Therefore, simply put, a federal government is one wherein the powers are delegated between the centre and many other local governments. An authority which is superior to both the central and the state governments can divide these powers on advantages of a democracy basis, and it cannot be altered by either of the government levels by themselves. source

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Thus a federation, also called a federal state, is characterized by self- governing states which are in turn united by a central government. At the same time, both the tiers of government rule on the basis of their own laws, officials and other such institutions.

advantages of a democracy

Within a federal state, the s departments can be the various government ministries and such agencies where ministers this web page the government are assigned. For instance, in the US, the national government has some powers which are different from those of other 50 states which are part of the country. This division advantages of a democracy powers has been elaborated in the constitution of the US. Thus, a federal government works at the level of a sovereign state. At this level, the government is concerned with maintaining national security and exercising international diplomacy, including the right to sign binding treaties. Therefore, as per the advanrages of the constitution, the federal government has the power to make laws for the entire country advantages of a democracy not the state governments.

For instance, the US Constitution initially was did not empower the federal government to exercise undue powers over the states but with time, certain amendments were introduced to give it some substantial authority over states.

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The states that are part of a federation have, in some sense, sovereignty because certain powers are reserved for them that cannot be exercised by the central government. But this does not mean that a federation is a loose alliance of independent states. Most likely, the states that are part of a federation have no powers to make, for instance, foreign policy; thus, under international law they have no independent status. It is the constitutional structure in the federation that is referred to as federalism. This is in contrast to the unitary government.

advantages of a democracy

France, in contrast, has always had a unitary system of government. As mentioned earlier, federation set-ups are different in different countries. For instance, the German Lander have some independent powers which they have started to exercise on the European level.]

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