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He has worked in television news for over 30 years, the majority of which he has spent in South Florida. Craig and Belkys hosted our presidential election night broadcast for the fifth time in November , leading the WSVN news team for several hours of local coverage. By-election night , while still a sophomore in college, he was working full-time as an assignment desk assistant in the NBC newsroom. Stevens left us in to anchor weekend news at our Boston sister station, NBC affiliate WHDH, though much of his work there was featured here at the time. He returned to WSVN in and anchored weekends as well as the and newscasts before taking on his current responsibilities in May Stevens devotes a significant amount of time to training future broadcast journalists. He was an adjunct professor at both the University of Miami and Barry University for several years. It is therefore not known how old Stevens is or when he celebrates his birthday. Andrew stevens young andrew stevens young

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Occurs when business slows down, workers lose jobs so people cannot earn wages so they are unable to spend money. Secretary of Treasury for George Washington.

andrew stevens young

Started the Federalist party. Shot by Aaron Burr in a duel. Part of the Constitution that gives Congress the power to go beyond what is written when deemed "necessary and proper".

andrew stevens young

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US States. Announced the separation of the 13 colonies from Great Britain and the reason why. Was an independent nation for almost 10 years before being accepted as i US state. Refuse to answer questions that may used against you in a criminal case.

andrew stevens young

Invented the Cotton Gin and started the concept of interchangeable parts. Land purchased from Napoleon and France that doubled the size of our country. Originally part of Massachusetts, it became a free state under the Missouri Compromise.]

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