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Character Analysis: Creon, Antigone antigone character map

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Antigone character map

June 1—30, Continuous 3-hour daily sessions, 8 a. We provide the tools to create intelligent and anatomically driven classes and encourage you to develop your individual style through playfulness and creativity.

An Essence of Silver and Steel

We have students creating and teaching from day one, so by the end of the training you are prepared to step into the seat of the Teacher with confidence and grace. Our curriculum builds sequentially to support your growth, chaacter challenging antigone character map to embody the philosophy of yoga in your daily life, both on and off the mat.

antigone character map

Built into the training is the opportunity to continue your studies with Lila Flow Yoga. We have an online platform for all of our students to gain experience teaching if they antifone to join, lifetime free enrollment in The Authentic Teacher, a virtual Pilates Mat training, an opportunity to co-teach in Love Surf Yoga retreats and assist during future Lila Flow YTTs abroad.]

antigone character map

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