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Is China building on disputed Spratly Islands reefs? BBC News

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Read more on deadline. Anders Hammer moved to Hong Kong in to capture a David versus Goliath battle on camera, filming pro-democracy protesters in the city taking on autocrats in Beijing. Little over a year later he became President Joe Biden faces a nightmare scenario of global consequence: stepped up Chinese-Russian strategic cooperation aimed at undermining U. Tesla said the woman had been involved a bbc south china sea. bbc south china sea

As a concerted effort to inflame tensions in the South China Sea, the recent Felipe Reef debacle is in a class of its own. In Manila, the Reef narrative has been promoted particularly by the part of local media that in the past has been linked with foreign funding and interests.

bbc south china sea

In early March, the photos cuina the original Coast Guard report did not show a militia or arms on vessels. Afterwards, satellite photos of the Reef, by a US high-tech firm Simularity Inc, surfaced showing fishing vessels. The high-profile Reef debacle is not the bbc south china sea time that most of its central characters — media, think tanks, government representatives, and Simularity — got together. That happened five months ago. The closing remarks were given by former Justice Antonio Carpio, who Filipino critics call Sinophobic. Most have had a role in the subsequent Reef debacle.

bbc south china sea

Both have played a central role in most South China Sea debacles, through interviews and satellite imagery. Of the speakers, Judge Antonio Carpio recently took a far more political role, timed amid the Chinna brouhaha. The strange bedfellows include the Liberal Party, which suffered a meltdown in the election, military hawks, ex-coup plotters, and closet ultra-left.

A key background figure behind the group is ex-foreign secretary Albert del Rosario, a wealthy business executive, who is behind Stratbase and ADR Institute, the co-sponsor of the Conference. In Southeast Asia, the explicit Trump-Pompeo-Blinken objective is to rally regional countries into an anti-China front. In the Philippines, the Duterte government has initiated a huge infrastructure investment bbc south china sea to achieve an upper-middle income economy. The objective of the Rosario-Carpio opposition is to play out Chinese investments and to restore the pre status quo. The goal of the opposition seems to be to sleep-walk Manila into alliance entanglements, supported by tensions in the South China Sea; to ensure continued VFA and more. Over time, military objectives will benefit no country in Asia, not even Bbc south china sea. US goals are supported by peace and development, not by military and soyth, as progressive Democrats and moderate Republicans know only too well.


As a remedy to those threats, armed might is largely irrelevant. What the Philippines and Asia need, especially in the aftermath of COVID, is accelerated multilateral cooperation, peace and economic development — not escalated divisions, conflicts and rearmament. Photo: John. Home Asia.

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The narrative describes what the debacle is about. But why does it take place now? Everything old is new again. Friction and rearmament, or peace and development In Southeast Asia, the explicit Trump-Pompeo-Blinken objective is to rally regional countries into an anti-China hbc. Financial Markets. By ocanuto. By Nigel Green.

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