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It has been long argued that football began in England. The modern game is now a multi-billion pound business empire. The game is no longer played by your average Joe from the pub. It is a game played by finely tuned athletes for astronomical amounts of money. True loyalty and heart seems to be a slowly dying attribute of fans and unfortunately players to.

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Well, I'm not going to sit here and pretend I'm a tactical genius, because to be honest, I'm not. However, in the last couple years, in footnall the save games I birth of football played, I have never had any success with playing a player in a poacher role. No matter what I do, they just never regularly scored goals.

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Perhaps it was the setups Bjrth was using, but I have used varying setups and had no success at all. Currently playing through the demo for FM12, and I have one of my CFs set as a Poacher, birth of football he seems to be regularly hitting the back of the net. Now I will admit, I am playing as Man Utd for this demo so I can get a feel for it, and even though I support them, I probably won't play as them once the full game is released.

birth of football

So that probably will make it a little "easier", but still, I'm impressed with the amount of goals he seems to be scoring. Given that you're playing as Man Utd, I'm gonna hazard a guess that your Poacher is Hernandez, which is really why he's scoring so many goals as opposed to a newfound biirth of the Poacher role.

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Poachers have always been boss if you get the right support for them. You'd guess wrong then I've been using Welbeck upfront.

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Looks like it's just me then Granted it's footba,l pretty early in the season, so perhaps birth of football just a fluke, and perhaps I was a bit overzealous in making a thread on the evidence of a few games. But it's certainly something new wageview me, and something I'm looking forward to playing around with some more once I start properly when the game is released. I wonder what each of us considers "success" when talking about this.

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First screen below is the start Welbeck has made, the second one is the stats from one of my players in FM11 that I have used in a Poacher role. I had to use Wellbeck in Fm11 for 10 straight games due birth of football injuries and his stats was almost same as yours. It depends on your players and tactics. I had great success with King as poacher not in Manu.]

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