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Both were signed by President Richard M. This agreement paved the way for further discussions on international cooperation and the limitation of nuclear weapons, as seen by both the SALT II Treaty and the Washington Summit. Nixon was proud to have reached an agreement through his diplomatic capabilities that his predecessors failed to reach. In August , the U. Senate approved the agreements by an overwhelming majority. Salt-I, as we have learned, served as the basis for all the discussions on weapons limitation that followed. Mobile ICBMs are not covered.

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brezhnev nixon.

Section It also includes examples of conflicting interpretations of the progress of that history and a program of historical research.

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This course also is required to ACC history majors as a capstone class before they graduate. For learning objectives specific to this section, please consult course learning objectives under HIST DIL on my website and at the beginning of each unit of Blackboard. You will need to email me the student information sheet and answers brezhnev nixon the eight orientation questions. If you do not, you will be dropped from the course. You are not considered oriented until you brezhnev nixon email confirmation from me.

Feel free to reach me by email. Please use email instead. EMAIL : mrebhorn austincc. Be sure to use a docx format or pdf. The paper must be at my office by the deadline date.

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nuxon The student will be required to do the same amount of work and the same quality of work as students enrolling in the classroom equivalent brezhnev nixon the course. This Distance Learning course is designed for mature and capable students endowed with a great degree of self discipline and responsibility.

brezhnev nixon

If this description does not sound like you, then you should consider dropping this section. You WILL need brezhnev nixon, ability, and self-discipline to successfully complete the requirements of any Distance Learning course.

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Brezhnev nixon following requirements are non-negotiable:. For the grades of D, C, B, and A. The student must contact the instructor, either in person, by email or by telephone, twice during the semester: once after the completion of Test 3 and once after the completion of Test 5.

brezhnev nixon

Anyone failing to make these contacts may not receive credit for the course. This means that out of a possible points, you earn a total of 90 points.

brezhnev nixon

Failure to meet these requirements will result in the grade of F.]

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