Civil war strengths and weaknesses -

Civil war strengths and weaknesses - are

She'd been in Charleston during the bombardment before returning to her home in Camden, South Carolina. What follows are her first two post-Sumter entries—a personal look at the beginning of the war through the eyes of an elite southern woman. April 15th. I did not know that one could live such days of excitement. There is a crowd coming. civil war strengths and weaknesses Civil war strengths and weaknesses

Liberty is the boon of every man, and it carries with it civil rights and citizenship….

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We must accept our own ideas. I believe in liberty and universal citizenship, and would give it to all, were they ten millions in number. Henry Ward Beecher on Negro Suffrage. Hot Shot from a Very Radical Battery. HENRY WARD BEECHER has renewed his regular ministrations at Plymouth Churchand yesterday availed himself, morning and evening, of the opportunity to instruct his people, and an immense audience of outsiders, in the way they should go, politically and morally, on the great questions of the day; assuming that, sooner or later, the entire people of this country will become participants in the discussion of negro suffrage.

This example, set by the founder of the Christian religion, is before all his followers, and what was done by him has become the duty of wealnesses man. The aisles and several spaces near the pulpit were occupied, and it would have been difficult for Mr. WELD or any of his numerous assistants civil war strengths and weaknesses find a seat for another listener. The Sgrengths of the House of Representatives, Hon. After the customary introductory services, Mr. BEECHER took his text from the 6th verse of the 11th chapter of Matthew, and proceeded substantially as follows: He first analyzed the passage and considered the circumstances under which it was brought forth.

In a running commentary of pith and suggestive application, he civil war strengths and weaknesses the cheerful condition of individual bitterness weakesses national hostility in which lived the Jews and the Samaritans, and showed the moral courage requisite for a man to dare to persuasive essays on teenage pregnancy in the City of Jerusalem a parable of which the central figure and hero was a poor, despised Samaritan.

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BEECHER argued that since the world began it had been the custom to be kind to the poor, to do good to people in distress, click here it was regarded rather as a virtue in those who did so, and Christ came to teach a new and antagonistic doctrine. He preached a doctrine that regarded every member of the human race a child of God — the universal Father; he regarded them as members one of another, as of one family, as brothers and sisters. Christ taught the Law of Power civil war strengths and weaknesses be that the Superior was in the Divine Kingdom of Love, the natural helper, nurse and servant of the inferior. This of course has not been accepted by the world by whom whole races are overslaughed and whole people stamped to the earth by the haughty foot of power.

We know how the Jews hated and despised the Samaritans, and how, in turn, the Samaritans hated and despised the Jews.

civil war strengths and weaknesses

It was not left for the Christians of our date to initiate a system of hatred — it was fully as effective then as now. The Jews hated Christ because of his ministration to the poor — not that they would object to helping the poor, but they objected to his way, to the mode by which he taught a philosophy which would overturn hierarchies and compel them to most unwelcome duties. The Jews did not like the idea of everybody else sharing with them the good.

They could not bear that the Gentiles should follow Him, and soon their most demoniac element was stirred up, which so worked and fumed until the day of His death. They could not bear to hear preached the doctrine that taught of a common origin and a common destiny, of brotherhood, of duties between classes and peoples, and they hated Him who troubled them.

The history of the nations before the time of Christ finds its parallel in the civil war strengths and weaknesses of nations since.

civil war strengths and weaknesses

Then, to be a stranger was to be a criminal, and a shipwrecked man upon a foreign shore was killed, if not eaten, as a matter of course. Each nation thinks itself by some reason superior to all others.

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This hatred exists, and men cherish it with jealous and sar vigilance. Christianity and culture have modified its manifestations somewhat, but the spirit is there yet, and there never was a time when this Christian doctrine of the moral obligation of power was link needed than the present.

This conviction of superiority is the source of hatred, contempt, and neglect, or culpable and negligent indifference on the part of the strong and great. The history of nations, and their present attitude, prove this.]

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