Costliest atlantic hurricanes -

Costliest atlantic hurricanes

Costliest atlantic hurricanes - think

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The 10 Costliest Hurricanes in American History

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Hurricane Josie was a long-lived, deadly and destructive Category 5 Atlantic hurricane. It formed from a low pressure off the coast off the coast of Mauritania. A low pressure formed off the coast of Mauritania on August However, all of a sudden, it wasn't looking like that dead trash heap that it was since it was an extremely poorly organized Area of Interest that at one point had no chance of formation. Due to this, it became Tropical Depression Nine on August Costliest atlantic hurricanes reached Hurricane Force on September 1.

costliest atlantic hurricanes

Not having to deal with Dry Air Wind Shear, along with the fact the Ocean temperatures are very hot, Josie started to undergo extreme intensification, reaching peak intensity on September 5 as an extremely dangerous Category 5 hurricane with sustained winds of miles per hours and a pressure of millibars as it was on the verge of US landfall. Josie made landfall in New Orleans, Louisiana on September 7, as a miles per hour Category 5 hurricane with a pressure of millibars along with gusts learn more here miles per hour, which wasn't even the highest it was at, so weaker than it was 2 days ago, but not costliest atlantic hurricanes much. Josie lost Category 5 status after departing Louisiana and heading for the Southeastern United States, down to a high-end miles per hour Category 3 hurricane with a pressure of millibars.

On November 10, Josie lost Major hurricane status as it's going for the East Coast of the United States, dropping down to a miles per hour Category 2 hurricane with a pressure of millibars. While on the road to Canada, Josie downgraded to a Extratropical Cyclone equivalent the costliest atlantic hurricanes of a Category 1 hurricane, having sustained winds of 85 miles per hour and a pressure of millibars. On September 15, Josie degenerated all the way down to Tropical Storm Force, essentially lifeless at this point, struggling through Canada.

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Then, on September 16, it became a remnant low and then dissipated in the Hudson Bay in the evening that same day. This wiki.

costliest atlantic hurricanes

This wiki All wikis. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Categories :. Universal Conquest Wiki. Hurricane Josie at peak intensity. Extratropical after September Part of the Atlantic hurricane season.]

costliest atlantic hurricanes

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