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Crash movie analysis crash movie analysis


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crash movie analysis

These characters are all on a collision course, as their life choices bring their orbits within range of one another. They all experience anger, pain, abuse, and shame, as the walls that keep them isolated come crumbling down around them.

The Film Crash, Directed By Paul Haggis

The wreckage around these characters are missed opportunities to be made whole, and ways to understand one another are destroyed in the cultural, gender, and social crashes. The movie "Crash" takes a stark look at racism, sexism, and cultural insensitivity in modern day Los Angeles.

crash movie analysis

Many of the characters express stereotypes, and discuss these elements with each other, often through expressions crash movie analysis racist and sexist dialogue and behaviour. I find that the movie does an interesting job of humanizing the characters, while showcasing their inhumanity to each other. It really illustrates the idea of multiple identities, and not limiting ourselves to an individual's single story. The character of John Ryan played by Matt Dillon is a complex examination of a bigoted person whose own family life contains struggles in his job as a police officer, and with his ill father.

crash movie analysis

Yet he is also the first to rush into an overturned car to rescue the woman inside it, ironically the same woman Thandie Newton he sexually abused earlier in the movie. Does this excuse his behaviour and views? Absolutely novie, but it does shed some insights on how complex crash movie analysis deep-rooted these issues are in our society. Wealth inequity and power imbalances are revealed through the cars people drive, where they live, and their home life: some have maids, while others live in multi-generational homes.

Access to medical, legal aid.

Critical Interpretation

The music in the film analysus highlights the differences between the groups of people, separated in some cases by source and language barriers, which lead to tragic misunderstandings. The days of posting a newsletter around the neighborhood are over. Log In. Back Smore Beautiful and easy to use newsletters.

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