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Cyberwarfare is any virtual conflict initiated as a politically motivated attack on an enemy's computer and information systems. Waged via the Internet, these attacks disable financial and organizational systems by stealing or altering classified data to undermine networks, websites and services. Cyberwarfare is also known as cyber warfare or cyber war. Advertisement Techopedia Explains Cyberwarfare Cyberwarfare involves the following attack methods: Sabotage: Military and financial computer systems are at risk for the disruption of normal operations and equipment, such as communications, fuel, power and transportation infrastructures. On the flip side, systems procedures are continuously developed and tested to defend against cyberwarfare attacks. For example, organizations will internally attack its system to identify vulnerabilities for proper removal and defense. Definition of cyber warfare definition of cyber warfare. definition of cyber warfare

Act of participating to pointless activities as a type of activism. Signing on-line petitions or wearing bracelets against war are forms of slacktivism cyber forensics n. Cyber-surveillance is an electronic system for the surveillance of online activities, objects or processes that are operated from and on the Internet. The word came from "newb" or "newbie" which refers to someone who is just starting out in the use of the Net.]

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