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Bobby is the only child of Hank and Peggy Hill. Bobby once commented on the fact that he was short for his age, stating he had not yet had his growth spurt. He is also overweight. Bobby is a school-aged boy who enjoys comedy, music, dance and socializing with his friends, Joseph Gribble and Connie Souphanousinphone. Although at times Bobby is seen as odd by his father and peers, he maintains a remarkable talent with people, particularly with girls, who find him cute and entertaining. He is innocent, gentle, lovable, and good-hearted who can be sometimes seen as a let-down but does have a number of talents. Using these talents, Bobby aspires to be a prop comic like his comedic hero "Celery Head" a parody of Carrot Top and a "ladies man" at times. Bobby is generally very passive and is occasionally a victim of bullies. However, Bobby speaks out on issues concerning love. elroy kleinschmidt Elroy kleinschmidt

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It centers on the Hills, an American family in the fictional city of Arlen, Texas. Patriarch and main character Hank Hill, who works as assistant manager at Strickland Propane, is the everyman and general protagonist of the series. Hank is friends with other residents on his block, especially Bill Dauterive, Dale Gribble, and Jeff Boomhauer, all of whom he has known since elementary school. The show attempts to maintain a realistic approach, seeking humor in the conventional and mundane aspects of everyday life. After pitching the pilot to Fox, Judge was paired with Greg Daniels , an experienced writer who previously worked on The Simpsons. The series debuted on the Fox network as a mid-season replacement in , quickly becoming a success. The series' popularity led to worldwide syndication, and reruns aired on Cartoon Network's late night programming block, Adult Swim from until Reruns began airing on Comedy Central from July 24, , to November The show became one of Fox's longest-running series. A total of episodes aired over the course of its 13 seasons.

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elroy kleinschmidt

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elroy kleinschmidt

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