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On the morning of July 10,a cook at K2 Base Camp in Pakistan was looking through his binoculars toward Broad Peak when he spotted something that looked like a evegest about 2, feet everest case the summit. At first, the Poles thought they were looking at a corpse.

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But after more careful study they realized that it was a man in distress, clinging to the side of the mountain with an ice axe. There everest case no communication between the teams in the two separate base camps, so the Poles immediately dispatched go here of their teammates, who took off running to the other camp, which was five miles down-glacier. When he got there, he radioed back to the Bargiel brothers that the climber in trouble was the legendary British alpinist Rick Allen, who had set off on a everest case attempt to push a new route up the mountain.

everest case

Bartek immediately thought of the recreational drone that he had brought with him to film his brother skiing down K2. It was a consumer-grade device called everest case Mavic Pro that weighed only one and a half pounds and fit in the palm of his everest case. As far as he knew, no one had ever flown a small drone at this altitude, but he believed it was possible. And besides, it was a casw way to test his theory before trying it on K2. Off the shelf, the Mavic Pro limits flight to only 1, feet above the launch point. http://rectoria.unal.edu.co/uploads/tx_felogin/art-therapy-and-the-creative-process/gibbons-v-ogden-year.php

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Bartek quickly launched the drone, which sped over everest case glaciers toward Allen. When the drone was about three miles out, it suddenly stopped, reversed course, and began flying home. His hack worked, and Bartek launched the drone again. The images showed Allen lying on his chest, hanging from his ice axe by both arms. A short distance below him, a gaping crevasse everest case across the slope at the lip of a horrific 6,foot wall of sheer ice cliffs.]

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