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Flu shots cause autism

Think, that: Flu shots cause autism

DEFINE ORGANIC COMPOUNDS IN CHEMISTRY 1 day ago · All of the vaccines were proven to be effective at preventing serious illness, hospitalization, and death from COVID disease. COVID vaccine development processes involved several steps comparable with those used to develop other vaccines, such as the flu or chickenpox vaccine. You are messing with their immune systems. I never had a flu shot for the first 38 years of my life. No way a kid should get one. a mercury based preservative in vaccines causes autism in. 3 days ago · Thursday, April 15, Facebook. Instagram.
Frankenfart 3 hours ago · For example, parents worry that vaccines may cause autism or may increase autism symptoms in children who already have ASD. However, scientific studies have not shown a connection between vaccines and ASD. What do we know about vaccines? Today’s vaccines are the safest in history. Before they can be released, vaccines must pass many tests. 3 days ago · Studies in mice show this experimental vaccine is remarkably potent against diverse and difficult-to-target strains of influenza. This is a strong contender as a universal flu vaccine. 2. Malaria. You are messing with their immune systems. I never had a flu shot for the first 38 years of my life. No way a kid should get one. a mercury based preservative in vaccines causes autism in.
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flu shots cause autism

Pharmaceutical senior scientist Helen Ratajczak has warned that human DNA from aborted fetus cells found in vaccines may be causing the autism epidemic. Helen Ratajczak. Brian Strom, who has served on Institute of Medicine panels advising the government on vaccine safety says the prevailing medical opinion is that vaccines are scientifically linked to encephalopathy brain damagebut not scientifically linked to autism. Science is based on facts. To draw conclusions on effects of an exposure on people, you need data on people.

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The data on people do not support that there is a relationship. As such, any speculation about an explanation for flu shots cause autism non-existing relationship is irrelevant. Ratajczak reports that about the same time vaccine makers took most thimerosal out of most vaccines with the exception of flu shots which still widely contain thimerosalthey began making some vaccines using human tissue. Ratajczak says human tissue is currently used in 23 vaccines. She discusses the increase in autism incidences corresponding with the introduction of human DNA to MMR vaccine, causr suggests the two could be linked.

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Ratajczak also says an additional increased spike in autism occurred in when chicken pox vaccine was grown in human fetal tissue. Why could human DNA potentially cause brain damage? Where is this most expressed? The neurons of the brain.

Myth: COVID-19 vaccines aren’t safe.

Ratajczak agrees that nobody has proven DNA causes autism; but argues nobody has shown the opposite, and scientifically, the case is still open. Ratajczak was asked how she came to research the controversial topic.

flu shots cause autism

She told that for years while working in the pharmaceutical industry, she was restricted as to what she was allowed to publish. New study finds glyphosate-related alterations in gut microbiome. Scientists ominously warn Covid is reducing fertility.

flu shots cause autism

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flu shots cause autism

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