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Freedom writers erin gruwell character analysis

Freedom writers erin gruwell character analysis Video

freedom writers interview freedom writers erin gruwell character analysis freedom writers erin gruwell character analysis

Everybody deserves a second chance at life. Erin Gruwell was a dedicated English teacher in a Los Angeles racially divided school where she was assigned to teach a class of at-risk teenagers who were deemed incapable of learning.

Some of her students were forced qriters the Government to attend school while others were on the brink of dropping out. Some students witnessed their parents being unjustly killed by police brutality, while others despised their lives of poverty. Throughout the movie, we learn the story of each and every character. We understand the reason behind their anger and hatred.

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We understand their pasts and analyze the way they were brought up in underprivileged households. Freedom Writers is a movie that is promised to pull unto your heartstrings, teaching you the difference between right and wrong, making you believe that if there is cruelty in this world, there is also happiness, and there is also love, you just need continue reading have a little faith and keep your hopes strong.

Just when her students are on the brink of giving up, Erin Gruwell lights a spark of intrigue in them to plan their futures and take an interest in education. Encouraging them to keep journals, Gruwell assigns freevom of her students a reading material that they can use to relate freedom writers erin gruwell character analysis their lives.

freedom writers erin gruwell character analysis

By gaining their trust and respect, she uses her unique teaching style to understand them better and teach them about the importance of education. Unfortunately, not all humans see it that way. Certain songs and movies make a special place in the crevices of our hearts, and no matter how many years go by, a part of our soul is attached to that one specific song or movie.

Employers did not want to work with me, and recruiters did wriiters see me fit for the role despite my vast work experience and outstanding credentials.

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It was because of my religion, my nationality, the language I spoke, here where I came from. Watching that movie made me realize that as human beings, we might be victims of our circumstances. But that does not mean we deserve to suffer eternally. Even in the gloomiest of days, and in the darkest of nights, there is still hope, even the impossible can be achieved through possessing a strong faith. Freedom Erun taught me that it did not matter where I gruwelp from, or what my past circumstances had been, if I had the willpower to better myself, to change myself, to change my situation, and to make my life better, I could do so with the right hard work, commitment, and dedication. If there was one thing, Freedom Writers had taught me, it was, that the world can be a cruel place. However, if we freedom writers erin gruwell character analysis, even a single person in our life, who is trying their best to understand us, and teach us the way to lead a life in a good way, we must listen to them.

Some of them even went to pursue their graduate degrees. The story of Freedom Writers is not fictional.

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It is not a story of a few individuals living in the ghetto. It is the story of almost every young person of color who suffers from some sort of racism or discrimination in their own communities. It is the story of young boys and girls, like you and me.

If society spent more time nurturing the ethics and the morals of youth, instead of spending their time fighting for lands and properties, how wfiters and secure would our streets be!

freedom writers erin gruwell character analysis

Youngsters, they need our attention. They need our guidance. They need our support.]

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