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Gibbons vs Ogden Explained in 5 Minutes (1824): US History Review gibbons v. ogden

Gibbons v. ogden - fantastic

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gibbons v. ogden

Ogden was furious that Thomas Gibbons was operating his steamboat on the Hudson river. Also last time I checked you weren't in charge.

Who are you? What do you think you're doing here! You don't belong here. This is absolutely ridiculous and unacceptable. I'm taking this to court.

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I have a federal license which means that I'm allowed to be sailing on the Hudson River. You do not have permission from Fulton or Livingston to be navigating in this water. Here the Chancellor made his decision on the situation.

gibbons v. ogden

Next step was the Supreme Court. It doesn't single out the powerful states, its for the whole nation. This decision will help the nations economy enlarge because states gibblns be to trade with each other without having to worry about tax. The states are no longer allowed to create laws that tax commerce or travel between the states.

gibbons v. ogden

It's unanimous for Gibbons.]

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