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How did charlemagne support education

How did charlemagne support education Video

Was Charlemagne French or German? how did charlemagne support education

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how did charlemagne support education

These three seemingly simple words demand reflection. Where is the West? Who is Western? If civilization means cities, where do those come from? And when we look at history, how do we tell what is truly foundational from what may be merely famous?

how did charlemagne support education

What is the difference between celebrity and distinction? Borrowing our hlw from a famous book by S. Kramer, we look at why this small slice of what is now southern Iraq became-along with Egypt-one of the two foundations of Western civilization. Sumer was the gift of the Tigris and Euphrates, so Egypt-a ribbon of fertile floodplain miles long but not much more than 15 miles wide-has been called "the gift of the Nile.

Israel, built by the descendants of Abraham, was one of the small states that arose after the Egyptian Empire fell c.

how did charlemagne support education

Unified and independent only from B. The peoples holding sway over the ancient Near East included the cruel Assyrians, the Medes, the Neo-Babylonians who overthrew the Assyrians educatikn B. Why is it important for you to grasp the archaeological record of the period from B. What unique circumstance-unknown before or since in human history-made the Greek Dark Ages so "dark"? And how do we "do" the history of a time and place that is so obscured from our view?

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Surprisingly, we know a good deal. Spartan society was harsh and peculiar, how did charlemagne support education many observers at the time and since have found "the Spartan way" strangely compelling. After all, they won the war against Athens, and their victory moved Plato to re-imagine Athenian society in The Republic. What were the main features of this system, and why did the Spartans embrace it? Lurching from crisis to crisis, the Athenians accidentally created one of the world's most freewheeling democracies-at least for adult male citizens-even as they were building an empire. How did the whole thing work, read article what finally brought it down?

Can you list the key public buildings of an ancient Greek city? How did they combine beautiful and functional forms with deep ideological meanings? What made drama including comedy the public art par excellence?

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What does it mean to say that the Greeks, while certainly not the first people to reflect on the past, nonetheless "invented" history? How did Herodotus, Thucydides, and Xenophon, each in his own unforgettable way, contribute to this basic turning of the Western mind? How did the Greeks begin moving from religious to more philosophical views of the world, and why chatlemagne these views first arise in a particular part of the Greek world called Ionia?]

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