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Mending America, women and the Civil War

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How did women help during the civil war The People's Liberation Army Ground Force trained and supported the Afghan Mujahideen during the Soviet-Afghan War, moving its training camps for the mujahideen from Pakistan into China itself. Hundreds of millions of dollars worth of anti-aircraft missiles, rocket launchers, and machine guns were given to the Mujahidin by the Chinese. 2 days ago · Throughout the war, she and her daughters knitted socks for Confederate soldiers, which she sent to her husband by the hundreds to distribute to his men. After the Civil War, Mary accompanied Robert to Lexington, Virginia where he became the president of Washington College, later named Washington & Lee University. Indiana was the first western state to mobilize for the war, and its soldiers participated in almost every engagement during the war. Following the Civil War, Indiana remained politically important as it became a critical swing state in U.S. Presidential elections. It helped decide control of British Rule: –
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How did women help during the civil war how did women help during the civil war

Amanda Huffman Posted On June 17, While women made strides during World War II and Korea to be integrated into the military, Vietnam felt like a step backward as the military initially resisted sending women into any career field to Vietnam. Then, when the military realized they needed to rely on women from the medical career field, it was still a slow process to add more women to the fight. But as the years passed more women were sent overseas. Many women chose not to serve in the military but were civilians supporting various humanitarian agencies and covering news. While the primary field of the women who served overseas was nursing, there were a number of women outside the medical career field who made an impact on the war and helped lead changes for women in the military.

how did women help during the civil war

Their primary job was to train the South Vietnamese nursing skills. The nurses would remain and grow in strength with approximately 5, women serving from March to March Inwhen WAC was at its peak, there were 20 officers and enlisted women serving in Vietnam.

how did women help during the civil war

When the first Air Force Nurses arrived in Vietnam init was duirng of demand and lack of men in the nursing career field. Once the door opened for women to be overseas as nurses, the door how did women help during the civil war other career fields opened up as well. Women quickly began to take over the duties that their male counterparts had been assigned. One Air Force nurse died. Captain Mary Therese Klinger died in a C-5 crash that was supporting Operation Babylift which worked to transport babies from orphanages to America for asylum and adoption. She was the last nurse and the only U. Air Force Nurse to caroline flack height in Vietnam.

Navy Nurse Corps began to play an important role during the Vietnam War in They were the first women to receive Purple Hearts during Vietnam. Only nine women outside the Nurse career field served overseas during Vietnam. The first, inwas Lieutenant Elizabeth G. She hep spend three to six days each month in the field taking pictures and gathering information.

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Many women volunteered to go overseas but were not given a chance. Women were used within the Navy to backfill positions both at home and in Europe to allow more men to go overseas. Without them directly supporting the war effort, the Navy would have struggled to continue on.

Master Sergeant Barbara Dulinsky was the first to arrive in-country and worked at Military Assistance Command, which was headquartered in Saigon. In total, women Marines in Vietnam normally numbered between eight to 10 enlisted members with one to two officers.

Women Nurses:

There were a total of 28 enlisted women and eight officers womfn to Civilian Women Military women were not the only women who went overseas hkw support the war effort. Civilian women worked for a number of organizations to support the war. Other women came to Vietnam as foreign correspondents for news organizations.

Marines outside of Chu Lai in November of In total, 59 civilian women died during the conflict. One thing to note about the how did women help during the civil war who served in Vietnam was that all of the women who served overseas were volunteers. They ranged in age from freshly graduated college students in their 20s to seasoned career women in their 40s. Finding the service records and the history of military women and civilians in Vietnam is like trying to piece together a puzzle with lots of missing pieces. Women did not expect special recognition and were just looking for a way to be a part of the fight.]

how did women help during the civil war

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