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Immanuel kant famous works - are mistaken

Kant is considered one of the most influential thinkers of the German Enlightenment era. He could easily be labeled one of the greatest and most important Western philosophers of all time. Kant was born the fourth of nine children to Johann and Anna Kant. His father was a harness maker, and the large family lived a rather humble life. The family practiced Pietism, an 18th-century branch of the Lutheran Church. immanuel kant famous works.

Hi work are relevant to thi day. Kant' critical philo ophy i con idered particularly Content: Immanuel Kant is a famous German thinker who made a huge contribution to the development of classical philosophy. His works are relevant to this day. Kant's critical philosophy is considered particularly important.

Immanuel Kant's Categorical Imperative Theory

Let's consider its main characteristics and ideas. The revolutionary nature of the thinker's works lies in the woris that he proposed a fundamentally new philosophical approach. Instead of reflecting on the numerous problems of being, Kant moved to the very origins.

The philosopher asked about the limits of the human mind's cognition of the surrounding reality. That is why the ideas of the thinker are called critical.

immanuel kant famous works

Immanuel refuted the thesis that a person's ability to cognize is unlimited. Kant's critical philosophy is divided into three main directions, which can be expressed in three simple questions. The first is "what can I know?

immanuel kant famous works

As proof, he cites the so-called distortion of a person's perception of the world around him. In the writings of Kant, all things exist, as it were, in two dimensions. In the first of them, the object exists "in itself", it is what it is in reality.]

immanuel kant famous works

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