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Is corporal punishment allowed in schools - quite good

State Rep. Stephanie Hilferty, R-Metairie, is the sponsor of a bill that would make corporal punishment illegal in public schools. Efforts are underway in the Louisiana House and Senate to make it illegal to use physical force to discipline public school students, which happened nearly 1, times in the most recent count. The practice, called corporal punishment, would be illegal under a bill filed by state Rep. Stephanie Hilferty, R-Metairie. Hilferty said the issue comes down to a simple question for the state: "Do we believe that public employees should be allowed to hit children while on the public clock in a public facility? Echoing earlier studies, a report issued Monday says black students in Louisiana public schools are twice as likely as white students to face …. Senate Education Committee Chairman Cleo Fields, D-Baton Rouge, is sponsoring a resolution that would direct the state Department of Education to study whether it would be feasible to ban paddling and other forms of student punishment. is corporal punishment allowed in schools. Is corporal punishment allowed in schools

Is corporal punishment allowed in schools - comfort! There

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While the implementation of the law related to corporal punishment can settle the issue once forever, unfortunately there are also certain flaws in the law related to corporal punishment itself. On the contrary using excessive force and punishing a student for an unjustifiable cause is prohibited under the section 89 of the IPC.

Schoools law also says that incidents outside the scope of good faith are prohibited.

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is corporal punishment allowed in schools

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is corporal punishment allowed in schools

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