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Issue on abortion

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The purpose of this article is to implore the readers to explore the cultural complexities surrounding abortion, such as sex-trafficking and pornography, and how these issues enable traffickers to further exploit their victims. I also hope to encourage you to address sex-trafficking as you advocate for life and human dignity. It is critical that those of us in the pro-life community understand the multifaceted cultural contributors, both upstream and downstream from the abortion event. Victims of sex trafficking are not empowered by abortion. Pornography is another upstream cultural contributor. This is a human rights travesty. Because our culture has dehumanized and devalued life in the womb, there is little value for human life in general. Children represent a growing expendable commodity. issue on abortion issue on abortion

One of the issues that has been heavily discussed in the world is that of abortion. One section of the people who are entangled in the debate on abortion claim that abortion should not be allowed as it results to the death of innocent souls while the other divide of the debate claim that abortion should be allowed. Although several countries have legalized abortion, there are endless debates about it.

issue on abortion

It is imperative to note that countries that have legalized abortion have developed numerous laws that would be used to contain the act. For instance, women are encouraged to procure abortion when it is safe to conduct the act.

Ethical Issues In Abortion

With this in mind, women are allowed to procure the act when it is safe for them to abort. Legalizing abortions mean that people could perform the act safely, as they abort in hospitals.

issue on abortion

The Global Issue of Abortion Essay.]

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