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Race and Responsibility: A Conversation on Black-Jewish Relations \u0026 the Fight for Equal Justice jewish ethnostate

Comparisons to the Nazis should only be made in cases where acts were unique and specific to the Nazis.

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Honest characterization - when quoting or paraphrasing another poster characterize their arguments honestly. Post deletion - if you start a discussion and others join in don't delete the post just because you are satisfied with the answers. Discussion Can Israel wthnostate considered an ethnostate? Jewish ethnostate see this charge being thrown around a lot. One thing that surprised me was how diverse the Jewish population was.

jewish ethnostate

I think some of them are starting to blend together but there was a surprising ethnostaye of facial structures and skin tones, even within the individual Mizrahi and Sephardi demographics. For most Israeli Jews it appeared that racial differences were largely irrelevant -- depending on how "Israeli-behaving" they were. It reminded me a lot of a jewish ethnostate friend I have that was raised in Japan.

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I think there is an effect like this going on in Israel, where people of different genetic makeups are being raised along similar cultural lines. I know the "Jews as a race" debate has been going on for centuries at this ethnostare, but I found the ethnic diversity surprising since I had not expected it whatsoever when I traveled there. Pro-Palestinians, "Jews are not an ethnicity or nation, just a bunch of Europeans" etc etc and a whole heap of other stupid ignorance jewish ethnostate lies. Also Pro-Palestinians "Israel is an ethno state jewish ethnostate Jews even though we believe they're not a real ethnicity ". Also also Pro-Palestinians, "a Palestinian Arab state must be created free of any Jews" an ethnostate by their definition.

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I agree with you here. But I'd also like to point out that this within the Palestinian political context not pro-Palestinian ethnsotate, this is essentially the mainstream PLO jewish ethnostate. While the Hamas view is even jewish ethnostate. You're trying to overcomplicate it. The reality is very simple - a bunch euro Jews came into Palestine and tried to crate ethno-religious state with Western hands as West wanted to have useful local dog against Arabs. You're delusional if you believe you'll survive in our region for a long period of time, as no one among Arabs is going "forgive and forget".

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My family and ancestors survived in this region for thousands of years, I am confident I will outlast you. Who was offering you an apology to begin with? Jewish ethnostate reality is even simpler. The Jews reclaimed their historical homeland and kicked ethnostage Arab squatters out. Seriously, I never hear someone ask if Saudi Arabia is an ethnostate because of their repressive jewish ethnostate restrictive religious government, nor any Muslim majority country with a theological system of law.]

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