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King lear character analysis essay

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King Lear by William Shakespeare - Summary \u0026 Analysis king lear character analysis essay

Creon's Arrogance In Sophocles Antigone

It seems that he had come up with his plan long ago because he is strangely aware of certain things that are going to happen such as Miranda and Ferdinand falling for each other. He thinks that it is too soon for them to be together because they fell in love as soon as they saw each other. This is why he sets to keep them apart a while longer so that they have to work harder to be together and appreciate it when they king lear character analysis essay allowed to together. This works out for Prospero and the lovers are married in a characcter ceremony that resonates with the mood of the play. All the evil characters are forgiven and everything has been set right.

It appears Prospero was a very wise man because with his magic he had the power to kill those who wronged him.

king lear character analysis essay

He could have taken back his kingdom by force, but he instead decided to forgive and forget. The Tempest is similar to King Lear because they both deal with an unsuspecting King losing his kingdom to a close relative.

king lear character analysis essay

Prospero had complete trust in his brother and left him to run a lot of the kingdom. Eventually Antonio usurps the thrown and Prospero is stranded at sea with his young daughter. King Lear also loses his kingdom, but he does so by giving it away to his daughters who have lied to him and charactet his ego. He is then also forced to leave his kingdom and weather a storm as he wanders through town.

king lear character analysis essay

The two plays also deal with the subject of justice. In King Lear all the characters who have committed wrongs pay for them. Although Prospero seeks revenge against those who wronged him, The Tempest deals with justice very differently from King Lear. Prospero decides to forgive those who wronged him and justice is served once he regains his kingdom. Contrary to King Lear there are no gruesome deaths in The Tempest. similarity between the two plays is the murder subplots.

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These murder subplots show the characters will do whatever it takes to get something they want. In The Analhsis, the plot must be kept light so the murder does not happen and these two are forgiven as well. I believe that this causes The Tempest to seem less realistic than King Lear because the villains did not get what they deserved.]

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