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The party who breached wants to continue with the contract but wants the terms revised. What is his best method of dispute resolution?

Voordelen van het kopen van samenvattingen bij Stuvia op een rij:

Jenson, who was paid before work commenced, breached the contract on law 531 very first day. The Rollerboard is a snowboard with a removable row of wheels along the center of the underside. With the wheels attached, lae user can attain extremely high speed in hard-packed snow conditions.

In addition, many users have found that they can use their snowboards on streets with the wheels attached. This new use of snowboards becomes very popular and many competing snowboard makers introduce similar products. The sport becomes known generally as rollerboarding and most people refer to all such wheeled snowboards as rollerboards. What is the consequence of this scenario? What type of property were the trees while they were growing, when they were lumber, and when law 531 became part of the house, respectively?

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