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Marriage today jimmy evans communication

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Communication Deceptions - Marriage Today - Jimmy Evans marriage today jimmy evans communication

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We believe God made us for each other, but many of us have no idea why. It can absolutely transform your relationship. Keeping those facts in mind, I want you to know that finding the purpose for your marriage means starting with the big questions.

marriage today jimmy evans communication

God created us for relationship, to have a relationship with Him and a relationship with each other. Relationships are why we exist, and He wants us to have successful relationships.

marriage today jimmy evans communication

On the other hand, the devil wants to destroy relationships by either separating us from God or separating us from each other—especially from our spouse. Satan is always trying to divide. One way he divides is by separation.

marriage today jimmy evans communication

We see this in Genesis with Adam and Eve. God put them in a perfect paradise, but Satan convinces them that God was evil. He accuses God. He tries to divide Adam and Eve from God. And by speaking first to Eve, he divides Adam and Eve from each other. He does this to couples today in so many different ways. The second thing the devil does is substitution. Today, He makes us believe things will make us happier: money, a new job, a new spouse.

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He is always trying to get us to substitute things for our marriage or for God. His plan for our life is that we love Him and love people, especially our family. We end up chasing after things. The opportunity to love God and each other is the reason God put you together. In this deeply personal book, Jimmy Evans outlines the foundational pillars upon which God designed marriage.]

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