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Suppose you have no scruples whatsoever and access to a bottomless pit of money, as provided by the financial sector which has license to create currency out of nothing through standard banking and derivatives mkultra files. What is your objective when money is no object?

mkultra files

How do you maintain secrecy and cohesion in your criminal group? What tactics would you use?

mkultra files

Think of networks of people and organizations like yours and how such networks would evolve over decades and generations. The systematic use of mkultra files is an mkultra files way to spread the tentacles of corruption mkulgra invisible power, and networks of mutual blackmail can ensure internal cohesion at the top, with covert consensual videotaping of pedophilia being an easy way to entangle outsiders and insiders in your blackmail network.

But how do you recruit children for the enterprise?

Senior Project Managers Need To Maintain Control Of The Railway System

Science to the rescue. The MK-Ultra program was the last glimpse the public had of mind control mkultra files which was being conducted in the s, as revealed by congressional committees google the Pike and Church committees. The price of access to the inner sanctums of power and wealth is controllability i.

mkultra files

Everyone must be compromised, including those with no predilection to pedophilia. Child abuse raised to a sacrament. The loop is complete and the money flow never stops. There is mkultra files limit to the infiltration of trusted institutions possible with this business model.]

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