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Order Paper. Place Order. N Mu Hello All, I hope everyone is well. Incorporating technology into science lessons may be done a variety of ways. Todays diverse classroom setting will most likely utilize a combination of methods for different learning styles. Throughout my experience I have gathered that auditory learners are most efficient through my learning style essay strategies. These students may tend to absorb reading material a bit slower and may have trouble when attempting to follow directions. Recorded lessons, audio books, and power point presentations will best suit this population of learners.

Visual learners depend on seeing materials or visualizing concepts.

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These students typically like to read, have a knack for details, and even take written notes. Maps, graphs, scaffolding, and whiteboard usage are beneficial for this group. Kinesthetic learners thrive through movement and mobility. Providing opportunities for these students to choose where he or she would like to sit, stand, or use flexible seating arrangements can aid my learning style essay the process of constructive learning. When the weather permits, students love outdoor learning.

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These students develop essential skills while keeping their bodies in motion. In addition, keeping hands busy are going to nurture these students as well.

my learning style essay

Auditory: Teacher may have students use auditory books rather than a hard copy when viewing text, perhaps to find the main idea and supporting details of a specific topic. Visual: Teacher may have students partner read and take notes highlighting specific vocabulary or sequences on a certain topic.

my learning style essay

Computer programs can help to keep students engaged.]

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