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MCPH provides these routine updates about reported cases of COVID to help our community better understand how this pandemic is developing in our county. As such, these results are very fluid and only represent a fraction of the true burden of COVID in our community. Daily case counts provided by MCPH may differ from state and federal counts due to delays in reporting to the various entities. MCPH updates case counts after an initial case review and, where possible, a patient interview is conducted, which includes confirming county residency. Cases reported after 5 PM are counted in the following days case count. Cases reported after 5PM are counted in the following days case count. nonhispanic Nonhispanic

The study, published Monday in nonhispanic Annals of Epidemiologyhighlights California's urgent need to bring vaccinations, treatments and other interventions to a demographic that nonhispanic the backbone of the state's agricultural and service industries. Unions and advocacy groups are racing to convince immigrants, both documented and undocumented, to get vaccines, Politico reports. The CDC says that Hispanics, overall, are 2. Nonhispanic the researchers looked at young, foreign-born Hispanic individuals, they found COVID deaths as a proportion of the typical total deaths was The disparities persisted, even after accounting for education level, which served as a proxy for socioeconomic status in the study.

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Death certificate data, rather than hospital system or insurance company data, allowed the researchers to capture COVID deaths nonhispanic historically marginalized groups, including immigrants, who might be nonhispanic in health care or insurance systems. Overall, those who died were primarily age 65 or above, male, Hispanic, foreign-born and had an education level of high school or below.


Among Hispanics of the same age, both U. Your nonhispanic will go directly to Science X editors. Thank you for taking your time to send in your valued opinion to Science X editors. You can be assured our editors closely nonhispanic every feedback sent and will take appropriate actions. Your opinions are nonhispankc to us.

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