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Essay Topics for 2021 Mains Exams plato essay topics

Plato Paper Topics Papers should be 4 pages in length normal font, regular margins. Reflection and analysis papers require that you express your own personal reaction to the topic. Introductions should end with a statement of the main idea of the paper. Each body paragraph should have one main idea that you develop with evidence and discussion.

List of 120 Plato Essay Topics

The last sentence of each body paragraph should provide some transition to your next paragraph. Your conclusion should recap your main idea and also suggest possible new avenues for further reflection.

plato essay topics

Take the questions as a jumping-off point for your own thinking in the topic. Remember, these essays should demonstrate your own sustained reflection on the topic, so give yourself some time to turn the issues over in your mind before you begin writing.

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Explain this view. What does it mean? How does Plato refute this definition of justice? Is his refutation effective? Why or why not? Why does Plato believe that it is better to look for justice in the city before looking for it in the soul?

plato essay topics

What is the view of justice espoused by Plato? Do you agree with the view of justice described in this conversation? What does a philosopher know?

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Why should the philosopher rule the ideal city? What is the difference between the visible and intelligible worlds? What is a form or idea?]

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