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Potash stock split

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If the video does not load after a few moments, Upgrade to the Latest Flash Player. About Intrepid Potash Intrepid Potash is a mineral company that delivers potassium, magnesium, sulfur, salt, and water products for customer in agriculture, animal feed and the oil and gas industry. In addition, Co. The split for IPI took place on August 14, This was a 1 for 10 reverse split, meaning for each 10 shares of IPI owned pre-split, the shareholder now owned 1 share. For example, a share position pre-split, became a share position following the split. When a company such as Intrepid Potash conducts a reverse share split, it is usually because shares have fallen to a lower per-share pricepoint than the company would like. This can be important because, for example, certain types of mutual funds might have a limit governing which stocks they may buy, based upon per-share price. potash stock split

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Table 1: Summary of Trench Test Pumping Brine chemistry was consistent throughout the duration of the test with the potassium concentrations. The focus of the on-lake drilling scope is to expand the current geological and aquifer knowledge of the deeper brine aquifer located in the thalweg of the Lake Wells paleochannel. Process Water The Company completed an Electromagnetic EM geophysical survey to delineate low-salinity groundwater resource for process water at Lake Wells at four prospective areas associated with the upper or shallow aquifer comprised of alluvium, colluvium and calcrete. This geophysical survey targeted the upper 20 to 30 m, in contrast with previous surveys targeting the deeper palaeochannel deep aquifer. The EM survey successfully identified a number of drill locations which the Company plans to test in due course. Aboriginal Heritage and Native Title Subsequent to the end of the quarter the Company conducted a third aboriginal heritage survey with senior heritage consultants and anthropologists, focussed on the southern area of Lake Wells , where an SOP operation is likely to be located. The survey cleared the Company's current working areas and also highlighted a number of areas of potential heritage value, which it was agreed the Company would avoid in its future operations and work programs. Subsequent to the end of the quarter the Company was notified of a potential Native Title Claim which includes part of the northern end of Lake Wells. potash stock split

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potash stock split

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