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Composed by John Foxe A. During Foxe's lifetime some of the most heinous persecutions against Protestant Christians were taking place. Foxe was multilingual and well versed in English and click at this page number of foreign languages, including Latin, the official language of the Roman church.

Many of Foxe's friends and even his own step-father turned against him. See the Inquisition. Unfortunately, many modern editions of Foxe's Book Of Martyrs have watered-down much of what John Foxe said and did during his lifetime as a defender of God's word and as a writer documenting the cruelties and abominations of the church of Rome.

Many modern editions of John Foxe's books tend to distort or omit much of what the Author actually wrote. Modern reprints of Foxe's Book Of Martyrs either ignorantly or purposely mislead their readers by giving the false impression that John Foxe did not really expose the Roman Catholic church as being one of the most deceitful and wicked organizations on the face of the earth. The original work titled The Acts and Monuments is a set of books in which John Foxe documents the lives and horrific deaths of early and Protestant Roman catholic church vs protestant as well as condemning the Roman Catholic church and those carrying out her atrocious policies.

I encourage everyone, from scholars to researchers, from clergy to tract digestive system persons, to read all eight large volumes of Foxe's original works, in his own words. In this Preface Goodrich gives an accurate historical representation of John Foxe's position regarding the Catholic church of which most if not all modern editions have white-washed. So I, likewise, if I had been disposed to follow the order and example of their doings, -- what I might have done herein, let your own conjectures give you to understand, by that which you have deserved. And if you think you have not deserved so to be treated, as I have said, and worse than I have done, then see roman catholic church vs protestant behold, I beseech you, here in this story, the pitiful slaughter of your butchery!

Behold your own handy work! See, I say, and behold, here present before your eyes, the heaps of slain bodies, of so many men and women, both old, young, children, infants, new born, married, unmarried, wives, widows, maids, blind men, roman catholic church vs protestant men, whole men; of all sorts, of all ages, of all degrees; lords, knights, gentlemen, lawyers, merchants, archbishops, bishops, priests, ministers, deacons, laymen, artificers, yea, whole households and whole kindreds together; father, mother and daughter; grandmother, mother, aunt, and child, etc.

For, whom have you spared? See, therefore, I say, -- read, and behold your acts and facts; and, when you have seen, then judge what you have deserved. And if ye find that I have tempered myself with much more moderation for mine own part but that I have in some places inserted certain of other men's works.

The Role of the Roman Catholic Church During the Enlightenment

Wherefore, as one that wishes well unto you in the Lord, I exhort you, that with patience you would read and peruse the history of these your own acts and doings, being no more ashamed now to read them, than you were then to do them; to the intent that, when you shall now the better revise what your doings have been, the more you may blush and detest the same. Peter, preaching to the Jews and pharisees, after they had crucified Christ, cried to them: "Delictorum poenatentiam agite," and turned three thousand at one sermon. So the said Peter sayeth and writeth roman catholic church vs protestant to you, and we, with Peter, exhort you: "Repent your mischiefs; be confounded in your doings; and come, at length, to some confession of your miserable iniquity.

Yea, what have you ever done so in secret and in corners, but the Lord hath found it out, and brought it to light? You hold, maintain, and defend, that ministers ought and may live sole, without matrimony: what filthiness and murdering of infants followed thereupon!

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Your ear-confessions can say something, but God knoweth more; and yet the world knoweth so much that I need not here to stand upon any particular examples of cardinals, doctors, and others, taken in manifest whoredom at London, at Oxford, at Cambridge, at Chester, and other places more. But to pass over this stinking Camarine of your unmaidenly lives, I return again to your murders and slaughters, which you may here in this volume not only see, but also roman catholic church vs protestant them if you please. God hath so displayed and detected them, that now all the world may read them.

roman catholic church vs protestant

As I have said, God, I assure you, hath detected them, who hath so marvellously wrought such help and success in setting forth the same, that I dare assure you, it is not without the will of Him, that these your murders should be opened, and come to light. And what if they protextant not opened, nor made to the world notorious, but secret only, between God and your conscience?

Yet what cause have you to repent and to be confounded, now the world also seeth them, hateth, and abhoreth you for the same! What will you say?

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How will you answer to the link judge to come? Think you, blood will not require blood again? Did you ever see any murder, which came not out, and was proestant length repaid? Let the example of the French Guise roman catholic church vs protestant in your English hearts, and mark you well his end. If Christ in his gospel, which cannot lie, doth threaten a millstone to such as do but hurt the least of his believers, in what a dangerous case stand you, which have smoked and fired so many his worthy preachers, and learned ministers! And what if the Lord should render to you double again, for that which ye have done to them!

roman catholic church vs protestant

Where should you then become? And hath not he promised in his word so to do? And think you, that that judge doth sleep, or that his coming day will not come?]

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