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Too many have NO idea what is meant about Jim Crow laws…. Many of our states are in the process of suppressing voters rights….

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But what the Hell are these laws? About time for some clarity.

specific jim crow laws

These laws were in place to maintain racial segregation after the Civil War ended. Initially, Jim Crow laws required the separation of white people and people of color on all forms of public transportation and in schools.

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Eventually, the segregation expanded to include interaction and commingling in schools, cemeteries, parks, theaters, and restaurants. Often, anyone who was suspected of having a black ancestor, even just one in the very distant past, was considered specific jim crow laws be a person of color and therefore subject to the Jim Crow laws. The overarching purpose of Jim Crow laws was to prevent contact between black people and white people as equals, establishing white people as above black people. During the ensuing years, states passed laws instituting requirements for separate and equal accommodations for blacks on public modes of transportation.

Black people also had separate schools, hospitals, churches, cemeteries, restrooms, and prisons, and these facilities were usually inferior to facilities for white people, although the laws called for the separate facilities to be of equal quality.

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Jim Crow laws also influenced social interactions between blacks and whites. Failure to enforce these laws resulted in fines or imprisonment.

specific jim crow laws

Following the election of Barack Obama, the party immediately passed jmi of new voter restrictions that were facially neutral but carefully aimed at disenfranchising Black voters. And the in that other guy that was running for re-election to the presidency lost…. Call it what you like…. More on voter suppression….]

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