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Tom Regan on The Case for Animal Rights - The John Adams Institute the case for animal rights tom regan summary

But not until Tom Regan published "The Case for Animal Rights did the world possess a theory of the rights of animals.

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When philosophy students come to this issue hundreds of years from now, they will read the greats in light of the arguments presented here. For two decades, where Regan has been taken seriously, animals have been better off and people have become better persons. This new edition is a welcome sign of this influence continuing. It may cawe be the most consistent and unyielding defense of animal rights.

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Beauchamp, Georgetown University. Gunn, coauthor of "Hold Paramount. Wir nutzen Ihr Feedback, um unsere Produktseiten zu verbessern. Beschreibung "Aristotle, Aquinas, Descartes, Kant, Bentham, Mill: all thought seriously about the role of animals in our lives.


Beauchamp, Georgetown University "The most powerful and plausible consideration of the issues and defense of animal rights yet to be produced or likely to be. Einband Taschenbuch Seitenzahl Erscheinungsdatum Es wurden noch keine Bewertungen geschrieben. Erste Bewertung verfassen. University of California.]

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