The gravity of a rainbow -

The gravity of a rainbow the gravity of a rainbow the gravity of a rainbow

This review may contain spoilers Too long This story revolves around 3 women and their relationships with not only the men they love but also with each other. I was very surprised to see the reality of what goes on in a relationship such as arguments, money troubles and even domestic violence.

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Most countries outside of the US tend to not have such a positive view in Autism. There were only two negative things in this drama. The mother, oh my goodness I wanted to smack that woman.

the gravity of a rainbow

Her rants were way too long, and she was just too hateful and for them to portray her as having a change of heart in the end was annoying. Also this could have had at least 15 less episodes.

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By the time I got to episode 20, I was about to drop it. I ended up jumping from episode 23 to episode 30, skipping skipping scenes until about episode I recommend watching it, do your own self editing and enjoy the eye candy.

the gravity of a rainbow

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