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The Monroe Doctrine -- A Brief Explanation the monroe doctrine significance.

Hill and Wang, Though perhaps disappointing to those who expect broad claims, Sexton offers impressive amounts of historical evidence to reinforce his narrow and intriguing points.

In total scope, the work should sound familiar to any AP U. History student. Sexton argues, as many have before, that the rejection of European influence in the New World sprung from an American government unsure of its place in the slgnificance order. By the early twentieth century, of course, the theory became a justification for intervention in Latin America. These ideas, though not radical departures from traditional opinion, add enough nuance to make the book significantly more than just a review of familiar historical events.

Early on, as with most 19th century American political struggles, slavery often lay at the center of these disputes. Through careful historical reasoning, the book shows that voting Americans and the politicians they the monroe doctrine significance, both pro- and anti-slavery, constantly feared a New World intervention by Old World powers.

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As Sexton is careful to remind, however, these threats often proved imagined, the monroe doctrine significance at least exaggerated for domestic political advantage. In one particularly salient example, The Monroe Doctrine cites contemporary arguments that Britain planned intervention in Texas to abolish slavery, and that France desired to do so in Mexico to establish it. These speculations, claims Sexton, shaped the U. Neither of the British nor French scenarios bears a great deal of plausibility in retrospect. Pro-slavery politicians used the statement both for and against territorial expansion, while Democrats in the s applied it to support unfettered American empire.

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President Cleveland used the rhetoric of Monroe to argue against intervention, while the first President Roosevelt often used the words to support it. Different as the politics of these arguments were, a common thread runs through each of the periods outlined: no one ever agreed on what exactly the Monroe Doctrine meant. Indeed, the work deserves a the monroe doctrine significance of gratitude for its emphasis on deliberate acts of creation and interpretation, standing against notions of a never-changing document.]

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