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Twelfth night study guide Video

Twelfth Night by William Shakespeare - Act 1, Scene 2 twelfth night study guide.

Twelfth night study guide - are

. Twelfth night study guide

Twelfth night study guide - not


With jazz-funk, intrigue, and hijinks, this will be an unforgettable experience. Twelfth Night is the story of a love triangle of the highest order, set in the mythical city of Illyria.

twelfth night study guide

When Viola is shipwrecked on the beaches of Illyria and separated from her twin brother Sebastian, she must disguise herself as a man named Cesario to survive. She joins the court of Duke Orsino as his servant and ends up falling in love with him. Join the Pace Performing Arts as they untangle a love triangle like no other.

twelfth night study guide

Reserve your tickets for Twelfth Night! Performances will take place as follows:. Check back frequently as we announce vaccine availability for our community.

Twelfth Night 2021

Keep up! Skip to main content. Facebook Twitter. These performances were directed by Rebecca Aparicio.

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